Thursday, May 14, 2009


The tomatoes are coming, the tomatoes are coming!!!!

So many people told me that the yellow flower on Early girl meant that a tomato would appear soon. Aunt A, Aunt T, G-ma, and a nice commenter all said this.

Today I got back in town and went to check on the plants and found this:

Early Girl has about seven flowers, which means we'll have seven or more tomatoes soon. I don't know how soon they will develop into tomatoes but if you know, leave a comment!

Then I checked on the garden plants - Mr. Stripey does not have a flower yet (booooo.) but the second tomato plant does. This, I think, is just a regular hybrid Big Boy.

About four flowers. Two that i'm showing on the bottom and two up top you can barely see that i could not grab while I was holding the camera. The grape tomato plant has no flowers though. I also checked the herb plants:
Sorry for the fuzziness of the photo here. It was very hard for me to get the closeup I wanted to show you and then it turned fuzzy. For some of these garden photos I need to be pulling out our other camera, I realize. How the hell I would upload those photos I do not know b/c it is not digital.

What you see above is dill, which i was concerned about, and it is turning feathery and is actually dill (hallelujah)!


The cilantro is showing two new seedlings (I just planted these on Sunday!) It starts out with two little leaves and then in between the two little leaves sprouts a very identifiable single cilantro leaf. I tried to capture it in this photo and you got a blurry version. More luck next time I guess b/c it is dark and rainy now.

As for the zucchini, take a look. I definitely need to thin to one plant now. It used to be three plants, then I thinned down to two.

So, the zucchini started out with just those two leaves, and now this very identifiable squash-looking leaf is emerging as the third leaf. Verrrry interesting.

The ONE sugar snap pea plant is just beginning to turn into a vine, as you can see! It is next to a fence and it will be able to climb up the fence (a taller fence than the baby chicken wire fence previously shown). However, there are a lot of weeds in between the pea shoot and the fence, and a lot of weeds around the fence. It's still a battle against the weeds!!

I had a great photo of the mesclun greens but the camera died and so I guess it did not take. Here is a bonus wildlife shot from my yard:

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