Friday, May 1, 2009

They live!

Take a looky here!

Well, zucchini are supposed to look like this, according to the internet:

In my garden I found this near where I planted the zucchini:

It was weird, thick root-like things sticking out of the ground in all directions. Now as mentioned in the last post, I planted three zucchini seeds in each spot for a plant - i was a little over-eager. So it is possible that these seeds are just going crazy. But it is also possible that these aren't even zucchini. There were a lot of weeds in that garden before i planted these other seeds. And from the photos I have seen, I haven't seen things like this! I am confused! I did not pull them up.

Next: bush beans. Is this them?

I don't know, but I think they might be, because this sort of thing is coming up at regularly spaced intervals in the bean row. :)

Sugar snap peas? Hard to tell!! What about this? Could this be it?

Everything is brown in the evening, covered in dirt . . .

Then there was the row of mesclun greens, the pride of the garden so far! Look at it! :)

We have Bibb Lettuce, but by the time i finished all my weeding and took photos, the little sprouts had closed up and gone to bed. You can kind of see their green-i-ness amidst the clumps of dirt though. They look like alfalfa sprouts, Very Cute:

Okay but here comes two weird ones. Arugula. Arugula was definitely showing some greenness, but on the other hand we have weird rootvines in the immediate vicinity of each clump of evenly spaced greenness, making me wonder if the emerging thick root-like vines belong to and are part of the Arugula. Does anyone know if this is teh case? I tried to dig one up to see if it went back to the arugula and it went deeper than i wanted to mess with w/out disturbing all the soil the sprouts rested on. But as you can see from the photos below, I have tried to indicate what is happening in the garden so someone can see and maybe offer an opinion on whether this is a weed i should eradicate, or the anchoring root system of the arugula??

Any opinions are appreciated. And finally: the sorrel - a very hardy, hard stemmed green, i think. The stems are coming up very brown and tough, evenly spaced, and no bulls***. Behold:

So, the only thing I am bummed about is that the basil, the plant which is supposed to emerge the quickest, I have not seen hide nor hair of. It is supposed to look like this:

but i have not seen anything even remotely like that. Booooooo!! I want basil!

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