Saturday, May 23, 2009

Insects and yellow leaves

I think i may have an insect problem. I mean, i see plenty of insects in the garden - tons and tons of worms (just come on over if you ever need some bait for your fishing pole!) and rolly-pollys, and ants, and other types of insects . . . but i'm talking about the type that eat your plants. Why do i think this?

Exhibit 1:

Something is just chewing and having a heyday with my bell pepper plants. It's also kind of getting into the Mr. Stripey tomato plant.

And, speaking of Mr. Stripey, his bottom leaves are starting to get yellow:

This is alarming to me b/c I would have thought that Mr. Stripey would be producing some flowers by now. I am worried he does not get enough sun? Or too much water? Is it root rot? Does ANYONE KNOW what the problem is that is making these leaves turn yellow? I want to fix it as soon as possible b/c I am really looking forward to these 1 lb striped yellow and red tomatoes. I mean, I salivate just thinking about them. Just brushing by this plant fills the air with fragrance. We have not one single blossom on this plant, however.

So, questions of the day:
1) What insects are eating my bell pepper plants?
2) how can i find out and how can i get rid of them/prevent them?
3) why is Mr. Stripey turning yellow, and how can I change/prevent that?

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Lisa Paul said...

As you've seen from my recent post, I'm the last person who should be offering gardening advice. But the one thing that seemed to repel the destructive pests from near tomatoes and bell peppers were marigolds. Take a whiff and you'll agree, these aren't aromatic flowers. But apparently the bad bugs HATE them.

Siren said...

My Aunt T told me to do this two weeks ago and I did not make it a priority. I am really kicking myself now. I am going out to plant the marigold seeds today.

-sigh- i hope it is not too late. Thank you for the tip and the kick in the keester!

Siren said...

Correction to above post - Aunt T was saying marigolds would fight against "nematodes" and when I looked up nematodes, I saw they were microscopic things that ruin the roots of plants, so I did not think I had a problem with that yet, which is why I did not rush.

Dumb me

Anonymous said...

Hi. I grew up in our garden, my uncle's garden and as if those weren't enough, the community garden (about 10 families on the powerline). I also lived in a children's home for 4-5 yrs and we farmed our own food so I got completely out of gardening when I went to college. However, I've fairly recently gotten back into growing, but on a very small scale and only stuff I LIKE to eat (no more radishes for me). Per the marigold comment, I used to sell a lot of marigold seed to commercial farmers for pest repelling but from my experiences in the industry, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If you're organic, there are things you can do to keep the bugs from eating your leaves or you can be like me and use sevin dust...had only the best results in the past. Oh...also noticed your Rockefeller Plaza photo...brought back a memory I have from when I had recently turned 18 and took a trip (alone!!) there. I happened upon R.Plaza and it was a sort of diner with a lot of tables with umbrellas set up. The following day I thought I'd venture over and get lunch there but instead of tables/umbrellas, it had been converted into an ice rink! An older man saw me watching and told me that I should go skate. I'd never been ice skating (from a very small mill town in SC) but I'm not one who has ever thought he couldn't do ANYthing I wanted to do, so I went down, laced some skates and off I went. They even had to tell me twice to slow down or they'd have to make me leave. What they didn't know is that I had no idea HOW to slow down. Anyway, I'm 44 now, 45 in July. Good luck on your peppers. Mine should be ready for consumption in about two weeks!

Siren said...

John, thanks for the sevin dust tip and also for reading. I did not skate this last trip but skating is freeing and definitely works up an appetite, doesn't it? You sound like you have tons of experience and advice to lend, so please believe me, it's welcome to this beginner!