Monday, May 11, 2009

Bunnies and Fences

This little guy

Is why we had to put up THIS fence:

It's about a 2 foot fence and we just step over it when we go in and out of the garden. That is the big Mr. Stripey tomato plant you see in the corner there by the fence. The fence seems to be working great to keep the bunnies out. I have seen no nibbles on my mesclun greens or other plants so far.

Here's a pictures of the entire garden right now:

On the right hand side you are looking at big Mr. Stripey in the top corner, with two other tomato plants coming down the row, and the last plant is a jalapeno. The next row of plants over to the left are two bell peppers, red and yellow. Here's more of a closeup:

You can also see two groups of zucchini seedlings at the bottom left, and a bunch of weeds.

The horizontal row of greens that you can see is the mesclun greens, doing quite well, and if anything was really growing, you would see three identical horizontal rows of bibb lettuce, arugula and sorrel. However, I just went in and weeded more and re-planted this weekend. Hey sometimes you have to start over. There on the left is my row of bush bean plants, looking great.

And on the far top left side are the tarragon, lavendar, and rosemary plants.

The container plants are doing well:

Dill (god i hope this is dill and not a weed)

Cilantro (although no seeds have come up yet, so i replanted some seeds this weekend - what you are seeing is a transplant):

And the Early Girl tomato plant:

Now, she has a flower on her now. I don't know what that means. I am going to have to look it up or ask my Aunt T, who seems to know a lot about growing tomatoes.

In addition, i said forget growing basil from seed and just transplanted three nice basil plants straight into the garden. I hope they take:

They should be getting enough water because guess what, it's Monday and it's RAINING AGAIN! GO VIRGINIA!


Anonymous said...

Yay for flowers on your tomato plant. This means your plant is healthy and will soon start making fruit. Each flower bloom will turn into a tomato. Think of how the vine looks on a tomato you buy in the store. The fruit grows out of that flower (which turns brown as the fruit begins to grow). Congrats, beautiful garden!

Siren said...

This is sweet sweet justice. There is a flower on Mr. Stripey, too. All the weeding and watering is going to be worth it - a party in my MOUTH!