Friday, May 8, 2009

A sodden mess is what we have here

What happens when it rains for eight days straight? Well you cannot weed and the weeds proliferate. Here is a photographic example of the kinds of weeds that are growing in this garden. Patches of grass, basically. I think since I killed all the other kinds of weeds with the Roundup, the grasslike stuff is able to come up. Unfortunately it does not grow in the rest of the yard, where the crabgrass chokes it. The yard is revolting and not grassy at all.

There are other types of weeds growing, but unfortunately they are covered in mud. We got out there and valiantly, for the first time we were able to in over a week, attacked them in tandem for about two hours.

The sad part is that a lot of the plants I started from seed are not growing, they are being choked out by the constant rain and no sun. Plants need sun, this is a basic concept. In addition, their roots will rot if they are overwatered. In addition, if weeds proliferate (the weeds seem not to mind the constant rain and minimal sun) around them, the weed roots will choke out their roots.

Take the bibb lettuce, for example. This is what it looks like these days:

Pitiful. You can barely tell it's supposed to be something. It's supposed to rain all weekend, too, and I just hope it can hang on until next week. Take a look at our ONE lonely pea plant:

To you it looks like it's flourishing, to us, though, it's at the end of the muddiest part of the garden that does not drain well, surrounded by encroaching weeds. If you notice in these photos the mud is really churned up - that is a result of a couple of hours of hard labor digging up weeds. Weeding in mud is easy, by the way, although no weeding feels good on the back. Well, anyway, it is interesting to note that the one surviving pea plant IS at the muddiest end of the row. I wonder if they like really wet flooded soil . . .

There IS some good news in all of this: the bush beans!

Some of them that you can't see, are a little withered and sad, but most of them are towering and gracious. I hope they continue to do well. The zucchini look the same as last time i posted, and I thinned them out to two plants per area. I am supposed to thin them to one plant, but with more rain coming over the next few days, I will wait to see if any die off naturally. I am kind of scared.

The basil - no sign of it.

The container of dill has sprouted and I am overjoyed, finally! The container of Early Girl tomatoes had begun to develop white fungus, and i pulled it out of the rain on Thursday. The white fungus is receding and it got some sun today. That is my insurance policy for tomatoes so I am trying to tend to it better. Too bad it took me so long to remember I could pull it out of the rain! Duh!

Send me photos of YOUR gardens and plants so I can post them!!

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