Saturday, May 30, 2009

Juicier and Juicier

Whenever i need cheering up, I go out and visit the wee tomatoes.

The Early Girl plant is looking great. Mid-week, the fruit had already doubled in size. Here are the tomatoes last week, on May 24:
And here they were in the middle of this past week, just a few days later!
With some baby tomatoes starting over here

Today, though, May 30, they were even bigger:
(in that photo you can see the babies over on the right).

The Big Boy or Better Boy (can never remember which) has a nice sized tomato growing by now, as well. This photo was taken today.
In Mr. Stripey news, he's definitely grown. Compare the photos of him previously with the ones from today.

MAY 24 photos:

MAY 30 photos (today)
The plant has grown so much that the branches are now at the top of the cage.

But, Mr. Stripey has some problems, as usual. The bottom branches are withering, and some of the leaves are yellow:
What you are looking at seems like a yellow leaf and nothing, and it is. But it used to be a branch with more leaves, etc. It went out down my hand and down my wrist. It withered and so did the parts resting on my fingers. I don't know exactly what is wrong. On the one hand, this plant is kind of in a low spot. Mister Siren thinks maybe we should add more dirt. I'm wondering if that would just create more mud.

On the other hand, there is a lot of new life on this plant. It's obviously growing rapidly, per the above photos. And these:
The fuzzy thing in the photo is what I used to think would turn into flowers. Instead it just turns into leaves and more leaves.

For the meantime, my verdict is that this plant is not dying, but it's definitely not bearing fruit. We are going to research whether or not we can fertilize it to help it flower. How much bigger does it really need to get? If you know or can offer any advice, please do, in the comments section.


Chris said...

I am no gardener...but growing those would be a blast!

Siren said...

Chris, in a container, you could probably set these out on your front porch. I know you said you have no sun for a garden, but if you have anywhere in the house that gets sun, you could do a pot of tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you might have a magnesium deficiency! You can add some epsom salts to the soil to see if that will help. Sometimes this comes from too much rain/watering.

Hope that works! My Mr. Stripey is doing okay so far, but I hear this plant type has some issues.

Sharon said...

For our tomato plants when they grow to about 3 feet we cut off the branches at the bottom (the first 12in). It makes the plant grow more and stronger b/c it is not wasting energy.

We also are using newspaper around the bases of our tomato plants to keep the dirt from splashing the leaves, etc.