Sunday, May 3, 2009

Even better!

The zucchini is really coming up now, I am basically jumping for joy. Mister Siren came out and took some great photos in the garden on Saturday and then we took some more today. The problem is only that it has been raining for five days straight. I am getting worried that this garden is not getting enough sun. I think it needs at least 6 hours a day. The basil, dill, and cilantro are not appearing and they are probably too soaked and need more sun. In addition, if the water does not have time to burn off, the tomato plants will develop fungus (I think.)

The Zucchini seedlings on Saturday:

And today, Sunday:

Here are what the beans are looking like (really cute!):

Saturday, just poking out their wee heads:

And Sunday, totally showing their stuff!

Also making a showing were the beautiful mesclun greens in a row:

And I think these are the sugar snap peas, but won't be able to tell for a few more days, i guess:

My grandma told me to put down newspaper as mulch, and I was meaning to do this this weekend, but it rained all day! I need to do this, because the weeds are REALLY proliferating! Photos of weeds will be up soon for your viewing pleasure.


Crisi said...

Looking very good. I'm impressed!

hollycrowe said...

Wow, I am impressed! My two previous attempts to grow vegetation have yielded a rotten cactus and some molded wheat grass. I've been thinking about giving this whole gardening business another try. Your blog just might inspire me to do it instead of just talking about it.

Siren said...

I wish you guys would send me any of your own gardening pics and i will post them. You can email them to me! I am going to make a post about that next.

Trav said...

Grow plants! Grow!!!!!