Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Salsa Garden

Hey, i know that i didn't post something awesome and patriotic for 4th of Ju-ly for ya'll and i'm sorry. I really am. I let you down? But listen, I know you had plenty to read, because every single blogger and their mom put up some kind of 4th of Ju-ly content for you to read. I'm still trying to work through it.

I've really slacked off lately, but work and sequential houseguests have kicked my butt. However, that's kind of what this post is about. I think last time I posted, I said that I wanted to serve homemade salsa to some of my houseguests. Well, guess what? I DID!

Not EVERY ingredient is from my 'lil 'ol garden, but some of them are. I used tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro from the garden, and I stripped it bare.

Thankfully, the tomatoes ripened right on time (that is, the Early Girls did)

(Does the Early Girl start to look a little bit wilted in these photos to you? I noticed it started looking wilted. Then one day when I watered it a million ants ran out of the container. I think the roots may be having some problems. It has not perked back up, sadly.)

The tomatoes off of this plant are not large, they are small. About the size of roma tomatoes. Which is perfect for salsa.

I had previously picked some to save them, so I had about four of them. I had to buy some more from the store to round out the recipe, because I wanted to make a biiiiiiig bowl. My homemade salsa is always a hit.

So, the recipe is:

Tomatoes: 8-10 romas preferable
1 bunch of cilantro, chopped
Couple cloves of garlic, chopped (always use fresh)
1 Red onion, chopped
Several limes, squeeze to taste
Salt, add to taste

and 1 jalapeno, chopped up small, I prefer to keep the seeds in!

The jalapeno plant has just been growing crazy. I mean, if you want a dependable reliable crop from a plant, I suggest planting a little jalapeno plant. Take a look at this sucker.

Big peppers on the bottom, more growing on the top. Constant rotation of production.

For the salsa, don't underestimate the need for the salt. Or the fresh garlic. I usually use 3 big cloves. That's me, though, and there's never enough garlic in our house. Then there's the lime. If there is something missing, it's probably lime. The problem is that it makes your salsa watery - but what you want to do is pop it into the fridge tightly covered with saran wrap for a good amount of time (at least an hour) to let the flavors gel . . . . and when you serve it up you can use a slotted spoon to put it in a pretty dish, like I have here.

Don't mind the obvious stovetop placement, as I have found this is the one place in my house I can take decent food photos.

However, (back to the subject at hand), once all of the salsa is gone you will find that you and your compatriots will be scooping up the salsa juice in frenzy, desperation, and nostalgia as you reminisce about all the unbelievably delicious salsa that was in the big bowl only moments ago. That's why I recommend using Tostito Scoops as the proper chip for this salsa. So does my husband.

I don't mean to toot my own horn about my salsa recipe. It's just that a) people rave about it, b) i personally love it, and c) i didn't make it up. Some man in Costco or Sam's Club told me how to make salsa when he gave me a salsa maker in, oh, 1999 or something, and i did buy the salsa maker (some plastic thing with some weird blade) and fell in love with that salsa and have been making it ever since.

How many times can I type salsa in one post???


Chris said...

HEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! that looks fantastico! Hows it going?

Siren said...

Man, life is good! I am glad to be able to pay attention to this garden again! I made paninis last week and did not take photos, i made them with tomatoes and basil from this garden and used rosemary from the garden as flavor. MAN they were good! But my panini press is not like yours, so it's weird. I just have a smushy thing you use to press it down in the pan that puts marks in it.

Still, thanks for the idea. We wolfed those down for two days.

Chris said...

Glad you liked the paninis! No pics! Come on!I told you that making paninis really does something extra special to sandwiches. Cant tell you exactly what it is but it really does change the flavor. Now... come on try the pot pie. It takes about a little more than an hour in total... the first 30 in labor intensive but trust me... Im still jealous of the garden.

Natty said...

YUM. I want dive into that salsa with a big tortilla chip boat.

AutumnalEquinox said...

Hey! Finally starting to catch up on what I missed from your blog. Great post! I love the recipie, and thank goodness for blogger, it'll be on here for like ever (or at least until I can put it into my growing cookbook). I know I haven't updated my garden blog in ages, but when you come visit, you can see how crazy fast it's growing!!! K, on to next post.

Oh! I almost forgot, when I'm off this stupid medical diet, I'm gonna be coming over for some of that salsa!!! That is...if I can't make some of my own first, lol.