Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyone loves tomatoes

yep. it's true. I do. You do.

and so do the fauna out in the yard.

case in point:
something got this one good.

and the other side?
even the little hidden baby ones are not safe:

i don't know who, or what, is killing my tomatoes:

but you have to be VERY vigilant in the garden


Chris said...

Thats just wrong....


Declare war. It's all you can do for something so worth fighting for. Please report what vanalizing punks are troubling you.

Anonymous said...

Raccoons? Deer? The Chupacabra? Your next door neighbor?

Sorry Shangri-La, that totally stinks!

Here is a funny article from the post: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/achenblog/2008/08/let_go_my_tomato.html

You could try to get some chicken wire around the plants to make them less accessible to the garden thieves.

Sally said...

That's a bummer. I've never seen cherry tomatoes so besieged. hopefully you'll get to the root of the problem.