Friday, June 12, 2009

Am I What We Eat?

I am diving in with both feet to the challenge to post a photo of our refrigerator.

As a precursor, to show you I am not insane, go check out one of the most interesting articles I have read recently: Picture Show: You Are What You Eat. Photographer Mark Menjivar began taking photos of the inside of refrigerators after three years of traveling across the nation studying the effects of hunger. His commentary on how the inside of a fridge reflects an individual is powerful and definitely a dialogue starter . . . just take a look! There is a fridge with a no-lie, whole rattlesnake just staring at you from one of the shelves. A freezer full of nothing but frozen meat and a bottle of jose cuervo. I love these photos.

Others I respect have been brave enough to take this challenge. For instance, the very accomplished food blogger on Life is a Feast did it last year.

As Mark Menjivar states on his own webpage, found here, "someone likened the question 'May I photograph the interior of your fridge' to asking someone to pose nude for the camera." And I definitely sympathize with the sentiment. Because I was ITCHING to tidy up, put things in at least their proper place, and hide certain things before I took this photo.

But here it is, in all its glory, folks:

Regrettably, what really stands out here is quite a big quantity of some sort of light beer. Not fair. We just inherited quite a lot of leftovers from a big group weekend in the woods and are storing it for a party in two weeks. Not that my husband is not drinking it. Hell, it probably won't really be there for the party.

Top shelf, two packs of mushrooms, one opened and covered in foil. Concentrate juice - i don't normally buy that but was having people over and wanted to offer another beverage. I would buy it regularly if we had the extra dough. Individual cottage cheeses which I eat every day to give me protein and calcium. Second shelf exhibits a bowl of hard-boiled eggs Mr. Siren eats for breakfast, a second container of mayo (again, inherited, saving for party), a bunch of chicken and some flank steak you cannot see (for crock pot chicken cacciatore, and for flank steak and fajitas from the leftovers)

So, what else are you looking at? Bottom shelf shows some produce (apples and oranges), a bunch of hamburger buns, the aforesaid beer, and some old rum punch I have saved for when I want to make myself drunk or sick, it will be the game. Also some new juice for making individual rum punch. We keep seltzer behind the beer but you cannot see it. There is produce in the bottom but we go through it so quickly it is all half chopped and in ziplocs and unrecognizable.

Also, there are forty kinds of cheese in the cheese drawer. And lots of leftovers that we cooked in chinese takeout containers that probably need to be cleaned out of the fridge. (I don't buy tupperware, I just reuse those containers.)

What does this tell me about myself and how I eat? For one thing, I need to clean out my own leftovers. For another, the bright beer is kind of embarassing. For the last, it is obvious that we are stretching our grocery budget. Because when I am not, there is a lot more in the fridge. Trust me. Maybe I should make this a weekly comparison. The Beginning of the Month vs. the End of the Month. Ha.

Now it is your turn! Be Brave and post a photo of your fridge and post a link in the comment section!!

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