Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tomato Sickness

The slow-producer Mr. Stripey, has something wrong with its tomatoes . . . .

This plant really could not be any more annoying!! It finally flowered and produced three tomatoes, after I fertilized it with special fertilizer which apparently gave it the nutrients it needed. Well, actually, we'll never know if it was the fertilizer or if it was going to finally flower and fruit at that time anyway. (The Schultz fertilizer, by the way, was not very good for my bell peppers. They have not flowered or produced any additional peppers at all, and I am really disappointed. I was hoping for a dearth of bell peppers all summer, especially since those suckers are expensive at the store.)

So anyway, when the tomatoes on Mr. Stripey started getting bigger, they started of course pulling the branches down to the ground, because the plant was so huge.
That branch is lying on the ground now, with the tomatoes up a little ways.

A nice green color.

I had to put another cage up, next to the original cages (there were two, remember, b/c of the number of stems coming out of the ground!) and balance the branches on the new cage. I was worried about the xylem and phloem getting bent beyond repair and not being able to carry nutrients to the fruit.
THey were much happier, off of the ground.

But, something is still wrong with these tomatoes. Or, at least one of them.

I noticed it quite some time ago. It's the middle-sized tomato. It has a kind of papery, brown thing on the end of it. It looks weird and rotten?

And here is the top of the tomato, near the stem:

Also showing a bit of the brownness.

Now, the other tomatoes are not showing this problem:

I realize that in the picture of the bottom of the affected tomato, there is some mold evident.

I think the green mold comes from it laying close to the ground and a few rainstorms lately. However, it was not evident a few weeks ago when I first noticed it. It was just the brown papery stuff:

So, can anyone tell me, what causes this? What is it? Is it going to spread? How do i get rid of it? And i'm guessing it is going to make my tomato inedible, huh? I am so disappointed! THIS IS SUCH A No-Good Plant.



I believe it is blossom end rot. It has to do with the balance of moisture to calcium. I've had this problem with some of my Ace tomatoes. I won't can any of those; but I just slice of the discolored part and slice up the rest to use in salads and sandwiches.

Chris said...

Oh no! Sorry about that. I've been gone with the family on vacation in Delaware. By the way, the roadside stands on the drive there have the most amazing corn and tomotoes.

Anonymous said...

Blossom End Rot! My Mr. Stripey has also produced finally. I have about 6-7 fruit growing every day.

I hope you can get some bell peppers before the end of the growing season!

Anonymous said...

haha. I made it sound like I have 6-7 new fruit every day. Which is not true. I have 6-7 fruit who are getting bigger every day :)

Siren said...

anon, i'm really glad you posted. I am so interested in seeing someone else with a Mr. Stripey plant!! herewith i go to peruse your blog. Keep in touch!

Siren said...

oh i see, you posted an FAQ- thanks! Do you have a blog? Feel free to email me at: with any photos of your plants! I would love to see your Mr. Stripey!