Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inaugural Ball

Yes it has been awhile, but life has been busy! For me and for the good old USA. One good thing about living up here is that I get to do a lot of cool things that just weren't available in the places I lived previously, such as Florida, California, or my hometown Atlanta.

For instance, when history was made and Barack Obama was sworn in as President, everyone in the country wanted to be part of the party. But my husband actually got tickets to one of the balls - the Commander-in-Chief's ball, in fact. We got all fancied up and hightailed it down there to see Mr. "O'Biden" (as Sarah Pailin calls him) and Mr. President himself greet us and greet the troops on a big screen.

We were close, very close. You can see in these photos. Their speeches were good. Bon Jovi sang. So did Jordin Sparks. I think she was on American Idol or something. I did not take her photo because my morning show plays this one song by her every day at the same time and I wasn't going anywhere near the stage b/c I can't stand that song.

I present to you our new Vice President, smiling like a million bucks:

And the new Mr. President:

So close, I could have thrown a shoe. Now that's access!

The Commander in Chief came out with Michele and they danced together. They also danced with the two luckiest enlisted people in the armed forces. Don't get too familiar, buddy!! ha ha.

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