Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ready for Planting

After the garden had been sitting for a week, and I had made a couple half-hearted attempts to dig up the remaining strip, I began strategizing. Even should I dig the rest up, I did not own a rototiller. I could rent one, but did not know how to use one. I did not have a wheelbarrow to move the mountain of dirt! I just wanted to plant my plants!

My husband stepped in to save the day. "Hire someone!" he said. With this bit of encouragement I set about on yet another mission to find suitable hired help within my miniscule budget. It took 2.5 weeks to actually get someone to show up for the job, notwithstanding two fellows who actually had an appointed date and time!! But finally a nice woman from a nearby farm appeared with her own equipment and did the job while I was at work (coming home twice to check on her.) She never moved the mountain of dirt and it still sits there, nice and green now. One day we will move it.

So, BEHOLD, the garden ready for planting!

Looks beautiful, doesn't it? ahhhhhhhhhh . . .

So, what did I plant? Four rows of lettuce, none doing well to speak of now, a row of arugula, a row of mesclun greens. And growing inside, six kinds of herbs waiting to be transplanted, red and green pepper plants, tomato plants. Also planning to plant pole beans, zucchini, and maybe cucumbers.

I can't wait to pay for NO produce this summer! Oh i am going to plant garlic as well, but that is something that you plant in the fall, unfortunately.


akakak said...

Well Chit. I left you are really long comment...but I didn't have an identity so I had to create one...and then, after I created one I went to post my comment but alas...the google god 'disappered' it! grrrrrr Anyhow...great site. I'm truly impressed by what you accomplished. When you said you were going to have a garden I was thinking 3'x 10' maybe. I should have known better...moderate is not part of your vocabulary is it? LOL I can hardly wait for more pic's...and of course the blog. Oh yeah...and the 'dam' bugs, and the rotten rabbits, do you have deer up there?? LMAO Also, I want to hear about the your adventures at the flea market as you try to sell some of this fresh produce as I don't there there's any way you're going to be able to eat it all! Hey...maybe you can barter some for a good massage! I am really planning on enjoying your garden vicariously Siren! Me...I'm sticking to my aero-garden....that produced more lettuce than I thought possible!

Bro said...

Nice.... very very nice. After all those years of working in the yard I know how much work had to have gone into this--- no small amount, and it looks great!

Good work!

P.S. I'll be sure to visit once you've got all the manual labor behind you and are ready to harvest the fruits of your efforts! :D ... just kidding, I'd love to pitch in, it's so very satisfying to work in a food-bearing garden :)


Natty said...

Nice work! I'm jealous of your soon-to-be garden! I have black thumbs.